Benefits of Partnering with Nano Banc for Your Commercial and Industrial Lending Needs

Our experienced lending team possesses deep knowledge of diverse commercial and industrial sectors. We can tailor financing solutions that cater to the specific needs of your industry, including:

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Construction
  3. Logistics and Distribution
  4. Warehousing
  5. Wholesaling and Retail
  6. Restaurants and Hospitality
  7. Professional Services (Law firms, Medical practices, etc.)
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Flexible Financing Options

We offer a variety of loan structures and terms to fit your unique project requirements.

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Streamlined Process

Our team is committed to providing a smooth and efficient loan application process.

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Long-Term Partnership

We look beyond the initial transaction and aim to build a lasting partnership that supports your long-term real estate goals.

We specialize in providing financing for a wide range of commercial and industrial endeavors, including:

Acquisition and Development

Financing to support the build-out of your business, encompassing warehouses, distribution centers, office buildings, restaurants, medical facilities, and wholesale distribution centers.

Equipment Financing

Secure funding to acquire the machinery and equipment necessary for your operations, from high-tech manufacturing tools to state-of-the-art restaurant kitchen appliances.

Expansion and Renovation Loans

Invest in your business's growth with financing for expansions, renovations, and upgrades to your existing facilities. This could involve expanding your manufacturing plant, renovating a restaurant for a modern ambiance, or creating additional office space for your growing law firm.

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