What is Analyzed Business Checking?

Analyzed Business Checking goes beyond traditional checking accounts. This comprehensive solution combines the features of a regular checking account with in-depth transaction analysis. We track your activity, categorizing your spending and providing detailed reports to help you understand your financial landscape.

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Reduced Fees

For high volume accounts, Analyzed Business Checking accounts can provide significantly reduced fees on monthly service charges. With Earnings Credits, deposit balances may offset transaction fees, potentially resulting in reduced monthly costs.

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Enhanced Visibility

Gain valuable insights into your spending habits with detailed reports. Identify areas for potential cost savings and make informed financial decisions based on real data.

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Increase Efficiency with Advanced Cash Management

Analyzed Checking often integrates seamlessly with advanced cash management services like remote deposit capture and ACH transactions. This allows you to deposit checks electronically and automate recurring payments, saving you valuable time and resources.

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Streamlined Operations

Combine multiple business accounts under one analyzed checking umbrella, simplifying record-keeping and reconciliation processes.

Is Analyzed Checking Right for You?

If your business experiences high transaction volume and you’re looking for ways to control costs, gain valuable financial insights, and improve operational efficiency, then Analyzed Checking is a perfect fit. This innovative account empowers you to make smarter financial decisions with real-time data at your fingertips.