Mark Rebal

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Rebal is a thirty-four year banking professional. As co- founder of California Republic Bank (stock ticker “CRPB”) in 2007, he provided investors with one of the highest returns in the banking industry, 272% for founding investors within nine years, with an “All Cash Sale” completed in October 2016. In addition to being co-founded by Mr. Rebal, he was also the Chief Credit Officer of CRPB. Mr. Rebal has been involved in many aspects of commercial banking and indirect auto finance including: Risk Management, Special Assets, Relationship Management, Credit Administrator, Commercial Real Estate Appraisal, and CRA Officer with two very successful exams by the FDIC and the FRB. At CRPB, he chaired the Indirect Auto Credit and Pricing Committee, and the Loan Committee. He reported company results directly to outside Board Members: Audit Committee, ALCO Committee and all Board Meetings. Mr. Rebal is a graduate of the Marshall School of Business at USC in 1983. He also is on the Board of Directors of the ClearingHouse CDFI, and he sits on their Asset Committee and he Chairs their Commercial Real Estate Investment Committee.

Mark Troncale


Mr. Troncale was a Senior Vice President of CRPB, leading the charge within the treasury and cash management department. He also received the Chairman’s award for bringing in the most new clients to the bank in 2015. Mr. Troncale was invited to an advisory board with the State of CA advising the state on cyber security systems for the banking industry. He has been influential in building the back office to adapt to the deposit growth and has helped pioneer industry first systems and procedures in depository banking. He is also an established speaker within many industry forums and regularly speaks to various title and escrow associations about depository banking and protecting trust accounts from cyber theft. Mr. Troncale earned a JD from California School of Law and is a graduate of Multnomah University.

Anthony Gressak

Chief Credit Officer
Mr. Gressak was a Senior Vice President of CRPB, responsible for nearly 50% (mid-nine figures) of the bank’s portfolio resulting in nearly 60% of loan portfolio income. Since 2011, he has overseen the financing of over $1 billion in commercial real estate along with over $100 million in various lines of credit with a focus in the financial services and foodservice/restaurant space. Mr. Gressak was also responsible for certain general corporate finance/risk management at the bank, which included leading teams on loan portfolio acquisitions and bank acquisitions. He built a team to manage the loan portfolio resulting in a blemish free audit record with various regulatory and auditing bodies. Mr. Gressak received his bachelor’s degree from USC and earned an MBA – Finance emphasis from Golden Gate University.